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Review: More Than Possess You by Shayla Black

Most of the story is told from Hayes’ POV as he frets over his best friend, Echo, wanting to lose her virginity to a mutual friend. He’s jealous and protective and determined to manipulate her into keeping her virginity until he sees her in skimpy clothes then starts lusting after her. I wasn’t a big fan of Hayes because he’s not very likable but it turns out Echo was trying to manipulate him all along by dressing provocatively and pretending she was going to have sex with their mutual friend so they deserve each other.

One thing I really liked was that this ties into the The Reed Family Reckoning series and it seems to be setting up another long-lost Reed sibling to tell their story, which seems interesting.

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More Than Possess You
by Shayla Black
A 1001 Dark Nights novella

Available September 28, 2021

More Than Possess You by Shayla Black
More Than Possess You by Shayla Black

I persuaded my best friend that I should be her first…

I’m Hayes Elliott. Since second grade, I’ve had one best friend, Echo Hope. When she graduates from college, of course I have to give her something amazing. Since I’ll be on a business trip to Maui, I’m bringing her along for a week of fun and sun. But once she sheds her long skirts, serious buns, and combat boots for bikinis, I can’t deny how stunning she is…and I can’t stop wanting her. Worse, she’s determined to lose her V-card—and has asked one of our man-whoring buddies to pluck it.

I’ve got to step in.

It’s underhanded, but I offer to do the job properly. Since I’m no one’s Prince Charming, I have no intention of following through. Suddenly, the kisses start and the clothes come off…and I can’t remember why I’m not supposed to make her mine in every way. Or why I shouldn’t be in love with her. But if I want Echo for more than a vacation fling, I’ll have to fight. And she’s about to find out how determined I am to upgrade my best friend to wife.

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