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Review: Bend by Grahame Claire

I keep getting myself into these cliffhangers and it’s killing me, but this one will be worth every minute of agony. I’m hooked on Beau and Cal. Beau initially seemed weak and shallow because she didn’t want to stand up to her abusive father. She made it sound like she valued her job too much to walk away but there’s a lot more to the story.

She and Cal have a history and it’s not a friendly one. They were in love and inseparable for three years, but they kept their relationship a secret. Cal thinks it’s because Beau is embarrassed that he’s a blue-collar guy, but the truth is that she was trying to protect him from an enormous threat but never explained. Their breakup was ugly and cruel, but neither of them ever got over it. Even a dozen years later, they’re still drawn to one another, although they both try to pretend it’s purely physical.

Now Beau is in trouble and she may have pulled Cal into something too big to save him from, but we shall see. Their love/hate relationship will make your head spin but also tugs at the hearts strings. I can’t wait to see where this goes.

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by Grahame Claire
Bend & Break duet book 1

Available September 28, 2021

Bend by Grahame Claire
Bend by Grahame Claire Bend & Break Duet Book 1

I thought arranged marriages died a few centuries ago.
Apparently, my father didn’t get the memo.
In three weeks I’m supposed to say I do to a man I’ve never met.
And the only way I see out of it? Marry someone else first.
The problem is I have one option on such short notice:
The jerk who shattered my heart.

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