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Review: All of Me by Heatherly Bell

This is the short and not-so-sweet story of Ivey and Jeff. They were high school sweethearts and she abruptly walked out of his life when he was in medical school and asked for a break. I liked this very much right up until I learned that Jeff didn’t know Ivey was pregnant. She left town so he wouldn’t feel obligated to marry her because she knew he wanted to focus on school and wait to settle down. Ivey didn’t know that Jeff regretted asking for a break and came to apologize in person and ask her to marry him, but she was already gone.

This story wasn’t terrible, but I couldn’t like Ivey after learning that she lied and ran away, keeping Jeff in the dark about his child. He’s a grown man and it’s not okay for anyone to presume they know better than another adult. Her actions are inexcusable, so I don’t see why he’d give her another chance. The worst part was, she regrets missing his proposal but didn’t seem to sincerely regret the terrible things she’d done, only that they delayed her happiness. I did finish it, but have no interest in the rest of the series.

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All of Me
by Heatherly Bell
Starlight HIlls book 1

Published 2014

All of Me by Heatherly Bell

A midwife returns to her small hometown with a secret. What would you do for a second chance with your first love? The first book in the wildly popular, bestselling Starlight Hill series.

What would you do for a second chance with your first love? Welcome to wine country and the small town of Starlight Hill, California, where the wine flows freely and so does the gossip.

The quirky residents of Starlight Hill have never quite forgiven midwife Ivey Lancaster for leaving their favorite son, Dr. Jeff Garner, for a man on an online dating site. But while the people took sides, the truth of her absence is a secret that Ivey intends to keep. When a sudden change of plans forces Ivey to work with her hunky ex, she must keep it professional or risk her heart all over again.

All of Me is a romantic comedy with a midwife, a hot doctor, and a sweet second chance reunion a long time coming. No shortage of small town shenanigans, including a wealthy, matchmaking aunt.

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