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Review: Hijacked by Lucy Lennox and May Archer

This entire book is one long double entendre full of endless puns and it’s too fabulous for words. A lot of books billed as romantic comedies are maybe worth a snicker here and there but this one breaks the mold. Riggs is a snark god with a foul mouth and a filthy sense of humor so basically my spirit animal. He had me on the first page. I was expecting an opposites-attract kind of thing and was braced for Carter to be a stuffy, uptight workaholic but he was hilarious too, which I loved.

I’m not sure how the writers made such an adorable love story so freaking funny, but I loved every minute of this book. The banter is hilarious but still hot and it’s not just the MC’s. There’s a whole cast of goofy characters that I adore here, especially Kevin and I want Kevin’s book right now. We all need more horn of glory in our lives so do yourself a favor and read this book.

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by Lucy Lennox and May Archer
Licking Thicket: Horn Of Glory book 1

Published 2021

Hijacked by Lucy Lennox and May Archer
Review: Hijacked by Lucy Lennox and May Archer

Renowned cardiologist Carter Rogers is used to having things under control. His life, his prestigious reputation, his career, his future.

Things he can’t control this time around:

• His meddling grandfather 

• His annoying gamer cousin

• Buggy South American jungles

• Being the meat in a feuding cartel sandwich

• Getting kidnapped by a monologuing drug lord

• Falling for his very hot, very mouthy ex-Special Forces bodyguard

In short, Carter’s peaceful, well-planned life has been… hijacked.

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