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Review: Love Me Like You Mean It by Laura Burton

This is a short and sweet quick read that’s good for a few laughs. Emma’s a bit cringey because she’s extremely immature for thirty and so self-absorbed that she can’t read a room, ever, in any situation, especially since her best friend is clearly in love with her and she’s breaking his heart. The way the lie spirals out of control is pretty over the top but the silly supporting cast and Aiden being such a sweetie save this book.

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Love Me Like You Mean It
by Laura Burton
Be My Fake Fiancé book 1

Published 2020

Love Me Like You Mean It by Laura Burton
Love Me Like You Mean It by Laura Burton
Ever told a white lie that spirals outta control and you end up finding true love? Just me?

I was having the worst day ever, and to cheer myself up I was trying on wedding gowns at a boutique.

Which is cool, until my frenemy walked in with her posse of women.

“Emma! You’re getting married too? So am I!”

I’m NOT getting married. I don’t even have a boyfriend.
I just find wearing a wedding dress can turn a bad day around.
But I couldn’t bring myself, to tell the truth.
It’s too…pathetic.
So I say a little white lie.

But then it spirals out of control…and now she’s blasted my "engagement" all over social media and everyone is getting way too excited.

I beg my best friend Aidan to fake being my fiancé…just for a while. And he agrees!

The problem is the two of us are the world’s worst liars. It's only a matter of time before one or both of us mess up.

But the more we pretend to be in love, the more I start to wonder if the only people we are lying to is ourselves.

Now I'm wondering if my little white lie can help me find my happy ending?

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