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Review: Something Borrowed by Louisa George

This is an enemies-to-lovers jilted bride story with loveable characters and plenty of laughs. When Cassie is left at the altar, she shoots the messenger by attacking Vaughn Brooks, the best man who came to break the news that the groom had run off with her best friend. Not only does this break her heart and destroy two of her most important relationships, but Cassie’s epic humiliation-fueled tantrum practically destroys her popular wedding planning business. Before her almost-wedding, she’d been turning down jobs but now she hardly has any customers at all.

If it was just her, Cassie would simply get a job and go on with her life but her family’s livelihood depends on the business. Her widowed sister handles the floral arrangements and needs the flexible hours to look after her toddler, while their mother makes a living creating custom bridal gowns and clothes for the wedding parties so Cassie’s in no position to refuse working with Vaughn.

She loathes him almost as much as her cheating ex and the feeling is mutual, but soon the sparks fly. That should be a good thing but there are so many complications, not the least of which is that Cassie no longer believes in love and Vaughn promised his heart to his first love years ago.

I enjoyed Cassie and Vaughn immensely although I felt the ending was a tad rushed. There’s a fun supporting cast and I’m very interested in her sister’s story, but Cassie and Vaughn were certainly the stars of the show. This was a fun read and I highly recommend it.

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Something Borrowed
by Louisa George
Something Borrowed series book 1

Published 2016

Something Borrowed by Louisa George
Romance Review: Something Borrowed by Louisa George

She’s the jilted bridezilla. He’s the commitment-phobe best man. Can they work together for the sake of their businesses? Or should they avoid each other for the sake of their sanity?

Chloe Cassidy has fallen out of love with love. Which, for a wedding planner, is a highly inconvenient turn of events. When her longtime sweetheart jilts her at the altar Chloe’s belief in happy-ever-after disappears along with her groom. But this attitude has her business suffering as much as she is. In a final attempt to save ‘Something Borrowed’, Chloe is forced to swallow her pride and work with the enemy- infuriatingly hot, best man, and award-winning chef Vaughn.

Vaughn’s own attitude–he calls it spontaneous, his staff call it temperamental–has him in a spot of trouble. Captivating Chloe’s admin prowess is just what his restaurant needs, if only she didn’t push his avoid-at-all-costs buttons. But as they spend time together, they soon find the flames that ignite between them have nothing to do with their past, and everything to do with something new… romance.

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