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Review: Dirty Diana by January James

Diana was born and raised in the UK but moved to New York to escape an abusive ex. She’s a successful executive in the music industry but her personal life is non-existent. She knows she’s hit rock bottom when a stranger approaches her at a bar to say how sad it makes her to see Diana alone all the time. The stranger gives her a card and encourages her to call the number. Curiosity and the drive to have a normal life push her to make the call and she’s soon enjoying a free trial membership to an expensive and very exclusive high-end sex club.

Her membership doesn’t start off well but she soon meets another British ex-pat who rocks her world and they break all the rules. This is exactly the kind of change and fulfillment Diana had hoped for, until she meets her mystery man in the outside world and discovers they are professional enemies of the highest order. Jude has been hired to dismantle not only her record label, but also others to ensure that the industry maintains it’s exclusivity and power by barring indie acts from gaining fame. His job is the antithesis of everything Diana holds dear in the music world.

They’re fighting each other, but she’s also up against powerful record labels with endless money and that creepy ex of hers has never really gone away. It won’t be easy to save her label, but she’s determined to succeed and get Jude on her side. Diana is a total badass and I love this character. This starts a little slow but becomes a fast-paced story with a lot action. I couldn’t put this book down.

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Dirty Diana
by January James
Femmes Feroces book 2

Published 2021

Dirty Diana by January James

One exclusive dating club. Two broken people. Three simple rules. Against a backdrop of sex, lies and rock n roll, rules are made to be broken.

My name is Diana.
I’m a small-town English girl in Manhattan, being eaten alive by an all-consuming job in a city that never sleeps.

Everything I once loved now suffocates me, but long-kept secrets mean I can’t go home.

The day I was invited to join the exclusive Decadence Club was the day my life was saved. Finally, I could be anonymous; I could be anyone I wanted for one night only; I could live out my fantasies without anyone knowing.

There were only three rules:

  1. Don’t reveal your real name
  2. Don’t give out personal information
  3. Never meet the same member twice

I broke all three. Then he turned up at my office.

The best lay of my life is otherwise known as Jude Peyton-Harris, notorious ball-breaking business ‘fixer’, and my new CEO. He knows my secret and he wants my job gone.

But I can’t go home.
I can only stay and fight.

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