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Review: Twisted Hearts by Stacey Lynn

Twisted Hearts by Stacey Lynn
Review: Twisted Hearts by Stacey Lynn

I’m the good girl. The obedient daughter. I’ve done what‘s expected of me my entire life –

Until the day I flee everything I know five minutes before I’m supposed to walk down the aisle.

In my defense, the man my parents want me to marry is the devil incarnate. I run to save myself. Now, I think I’m in really big trouble, and a chance run in with a man who works security, whose career is based on protecting and serving and saving, changes everything.

I’m running from a man I despise, afraid for my life when Shawn swoops in and promises me everything will be okay. Somehow, I trust him. I lean on him.

I might have run from one man in order to save my life, but the longer I’m around Shawn, I realize I’m at risk of losing something else —

My heart.

I love a good runaway bride story and this fits the bill. Addi’s family is involved in something shady. She doesn’t know what it is, she only knows she needs to disappear before being married off to an abusive jerk. The one friend she can count on sets her up with security experts and soon Shawn is her personal bodyguard. The sparks fly between them but there’s no time for canoodling because Addi’s in danger.

This story is a page-turner, full of intrigue, suspense and a slow burn tension that will have you cursing at the end. I went in to this story knowing it’s book one of a duet but still hoping there wasn’t a cliffhanger, but of course there is (sad trombone). Ending a book in the middle of the action is a kind of emotional blackmail forcing readers to buy additional books and I can’t stand it. That said, I enjoyed everything about this story and want to see what happens next so I will read the conclusion.  

I received an ARC from Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.

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