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Review: More Than Love You by Shayla Black

This book stands out from so many other because it’s strictly from Noah’s POV except for a single brief chapter at the end that comes from Harlow. Most books are dual but when they’re not, it’s usually her POV so this was a refreshing change. Noah is sweet and loving but a bit intense. He had a wicked case of insta-love but Harlow is totally anti-love and anti-relationship thanks to her awful parents and past men in her life. She made him work for it until the very end.

Harlow’s angst runs deep but it’s understandable once we learn more about her past. My only criticism is that it took a bit too long to learn the details. Since we’re not in her head, it’s not easy getting that information and we don’t have the full picture until the end of the book. I would have liked to see her open up a little to someone, especially Noah because I got bored with her pushing him away. She wasn’t my favorite character, although I did empathize with her. I loved Noah enough to stick it out, hopeful he’d get his HEA but Harlow’s need to keep the world at arm’s length was a bit much for my tastes.

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More Than Love You
by Shayla Black
Reed Family Reckoning book 3

Published 2018

More Than Love You by Shayla Black
More Than Love You by Shayla Black

I hooked up with my temporary roommate. Now I’ll do anything to claim her for good.

I’m Noah Weston. For a decade, I’ve quarterbacked America’s most iconic football team and plowed my way through women. Now I’m transitioning from star player to retired jock—with a cloud of allegation hanging over my head. So I’m escaping to the private ocean-front paradise I bought for peace and quiet. What I get instead is stubborn, snarky, wild, lights-my-blood-on-fire Harlow Reed. Since she just left a relationship in a hugely viral way, she should be the last woman I’m seen with.

On second thought, we can help each other…

I need a steady, supportive “girlfriend” for the court of public opinion, not entanglements. Harlow is merely looking for nonstop sweaty sex and screaming orgasms that wring pleasure from her oh-so-luscious body. Three months—that’s how long it should take for us both to scratch this itch and leave our respective scandals behind. But the more I know this woman, the less I can picture my life without her. And when I’m forced to choose, I’ll realize I don’t merely want her in my bed or need her for a ruse. I more than love her enough to do whatever it takes to make her mine for good.

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