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Danger is coming to our door and not everyone will survive.

Finn, an all-new dark mafia romance and the fourth standalone in the Dublin King Series from bestselling author L.K. Shaw is now available!

I’m a member of the wealthiest and most powerful family in Dublin. 

We rule the city and I can have anything I want. 

Except something is missing from my life. 

When I meet Teagan, I realize what it is. 


From the beginning, I’m all in. 

But she’s running scared from someone who hurt her and has no interest in romance or love. When he comes for her, I offer my protection.

But my family’s not without its enemies. 

Danger is coming to our door and not everyone will survive.

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As far as I’m concerned, men can suck it.

I glare at the back of the rude arsehole I’d had the misfortune of sitting next to during the flight, grab my carry-on bag from the overhead compartment, and disembark. Despite my annoyance, as I make my way up the jet bridge, some of the tension bleeds from my shoulders. The gate area is teeming with people. I dodge several of them blocking me from the exit and the taxi rank, casting furtive glances over my shoulder, reassuring myself I’m not being followed.

You’re fine. Safe. He’s back in Berlin. He has no idea where you are.

The minute I step outside, I breathe in the fresh Dublin air. God, it’s so good to be home. The reason I’m back threatens to overshadow my happiness, but I bury it in the dark recesses of my brain, determined to make the best of my time here. For however long that might be. The driver of the first taxi in the queue opens the door and I slide into the backseat. He circles around the back, gets behind the wheel, and glances at me over his shoulder.

I stumble over an address I’m not used to giving. Aside from the short visit I made to check on Imogen a couple months ago, Berlin and London have been my home.

“You got it.” He pulls away and I settle more firmly into the seat.

We’re barely two minutes from the airport when the driver glances in his rear view mirror at me. “Are ye visiting?”

“No, I live here.” Although that’s not entirely true.

 “Ah, welcome back, then.”

I smile placidly and turn my head to stare out the window, hoping he’ll take the hint that I’m not keen on conversation. Thankfully, he does, because the remainder of the trip is spent in blessed silence. He stops in front of my building and while I get out, he grabs my bag from the boot and hands it to me. I pay him the fare, and he nods his head.

“Thank you.” I pull the handle up from my luggage and tow it behind me.

The entryway is quiet. Then again, it is the middle of the afternoon and most people are working. I climb the stairs until I finally reach my front door. I open it and take in the clean scent with a hint of floral. The cleaning lady must have been here recently. At least I’m coming home to a clean flat.

Once I toe off my shoes, I head to my bedroom. I’d hired an interior designer when I first moved in to give it a complete makeover. I wanted it to be a calming oasis where, the minute I entered it, I left my stress and worries and anxieties at the door. Up until today, it worked. But not even the pale yellow walls, the cool blues of the accent chair, or the sight of my massive bed with its sky blue tufted velvet headboard is enough to keep my thoughts from spiraling.

 Unpacking can wait a bit longer. I flop onto my back on the bed. I stretch my arms up above my head and take in a deep, cleansing breath. I’m going to have to call Imogen soon, but I’m not quite ready.

You know what she’s going to say.

Which is why I’m waiting.

I close my eyes and breathe in and out slowly, lengthening my exhales each time until, at last, a nominal amount of peace settles in my chest. Finally, I sit up and make myself put away my belongings. Next, I head for the kitchen where a stack of mail sits. Most of it is probably junk since everything is paperless these days. But as I go through it, I find a few envelopes that contain things I need to take care of.

After I’ve opened every piece of mail there is, I blow out a huge sigh and walk back into my bedroom to pick up my phone. I’ve put it off long enough. Lying on the bed, I wait for Imogen to answer.

“Hey, are you in town?” she says, her tone pitched with excitement. I’d never guess she could have been killed two weeks ago at her brother’s wedding.

 “Hi. Are you feeling better?” I ignore her question.

 “I’m doing okay other than getting a little annoyed with a hovering, over-protective maniac,” Imogen raises her voice with the last few words like she’s speaking pointedly to someone nearby.

Cut Liam some slack. You were being held at gunpoint right in front of him not that long ago. He may be a bit of a psychopath, but he’s a psychopath that loves you.”

She sighs. “I know, which is why I’m tolerating the hovering. Nothing’s been the same since the Moroccans tried to kill all of us.”

 I still can’t believe that Imogen’s Da is the head of the Irish mafia. Or that there are people who want to see the Donnellys dead. And apparently Liam as well because of his connection to them through her. “Are you really doing okay?”

There’s a far longer pause after I ask this time.

 “Some days are better than others,” she finally admits. “I’ve had more than one nightmare. Who would have thought my life would turn out like this? I’m just a death-metal-loving goth-girl hacker who sits behind a computer all day.”

There’s a bitter humor in her voice. I try to come up with something else to say, but I’ve stalled long enough.

“I’m back in Dublin. How about I come over tomorrow? We can order takeaway, and afterwards we’ll eat our weight in cheesecake and drink far too much wine.”

“Imogen nearly screeches. “Why didn’t you tell me you were home before now?”

“I just got to my flat from the airport.” I pause. “I wanted to surprise you.”

I’ve only lied to Imogen once before, and it was about something so stupid I barely remember what it was.

“You have no idea how happy this makes me. I’ve missed you so much. Talking and texting just aren’t the same as in person.” Her pout is evident all the way through the phone. “You better get over here first thing in the morning. I want to spend the whole day with you catching up on everything. You can tell me all about Ben.”

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