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Review: Finn by L.K. Shaw

I’m a member of the wealthiest and most powerful family in Dublin.
We rule the city, and I can have anything I want.
Except something is missing from my life.
When I meet Teagan, I realize what it is.


From the beginning, I’m all in.
But she’s running scared from someone who hurt her and has no interest in romance or love. When he comes for her, I offer my protection.

But my family’s not without its enemies.
Danger is coming to our door and not everyone will survive.

Teagan just returned to Dublin after living in London and Berlin for years. It’s a spur of the moment decision to get away from her awful ex who hit her. They didn’t know one another when she lived here prior, so she gets a new phone and figures he’ll never find her. Imogen greets her with open arms and has Liam on standby to whack the ex, although Teagan thinks that’s overkill. She soon meets Imogen’s brother and there’s an instant attraction, but could the timing be any worse? She just escaped an abusive relationship with a long-term boyfriend so the last thing she needs is a relationship. She has to get herself situated back in Dublin and find a new job and spend some time by herself first.

Finn doesn’t much care about those details. He only knows that he can’t think about anything but this woman. She’s always on his mind, even when he’s fast asleep and dreaming. She’s a distraction, but he doesn’t care. When her ex calls her, Finn spirits her away to the family suite at the casino for her safety and they’re soon spending a lot of time together. I really loved these two.

Teagan is feisty and funny, but maybe a bit too independent for her own good at times. She has people who want to take care of her, and she should let them. Finn is the broody casino boss caught in the middle of a mob war. He’s growly and protective and exactly what Teagan needs. Their story is intense and suspenseful, and I loved every minute of it. I’d like to thank the author for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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