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Review: Overruled by Bella Matthews

“You gonna catch me if I fall, Becks?”

I should have known those words, whispered to my best friend’s brother, would come back to haunt me . . . But I had no idea he’d be the only one who could save me when my world threatens to come crashing down.

Becket Kingston is a lot of things. Tall, dark and deliciously handsome, he’s corded muscle hidden beneath an expensive suit, with eyes the color of an angry ocean, and a sharp tongue good for so many things.

And this future US Senator with a brain even bigger than his bank account is about to be my fake husband.

It was supposed to be easy . . . until it wasn’t. This relationship we carefully curated for the public has become something completely different behind closed doors—and the occasional open ones.

I knew we needed to lie to everyone we loved to pull this off.
But how long can we lie to ourselves?

I couldn’t wait to read Becket’s story, since we knew almost nothing about him, save for the fact that the entire Kingston family loathed his girlfriend, Kendall. His story gets off to a great start by informing us that Kendall is now his ex, so everyone’s overjoyed. Becket doesn’t care about anything except winning a seat in the senate, so single life doesn’t even register. His sole focus is the senate campaign and nothing else.

Juliette is Leni’s lifelong bestie and an honorary Kingston because she’s been a part of the family forever. She’s a newly retired supermodel trying to decide what to do with her life when her cousin dies, making Jules the guardian of her two children. Their father died years ago, leaving her a single mom, and their mother’s parents are terribly abusive so Jules has to take them. She’s fine with that, but the grandparents want majority control of the family business, which can be achieved if they control the shares inherited by the children. They instigate a custody battle that looks to be a no-win situation for Jules. She’ll do anything to keep her family together, so when she learns Becket’s political advisors want him to get married to ensure a win, she suggests a marriage of convenience.

I love all the characters in this series and the related ones, but Jules is definitely one of my favorites of them all. She’s smart and strong and incredibly loyal, even if Becket always thought she was kind of an airhead. He’s happy to help Jules and the kids any way he can, but Becket works hard to keep everyone at arms’ length at first. He soon realizes that won’t work with the kids, although he keeps it up with Jules, who’s already struggling with her feelings for him.

This was so much fun to read because I loved the characters, and the story has some different little twists besides just the romance. I also enjoyed getting to know Ashlyn better and the kids were great supporting characters. This book covered all my bases with a fake relationship and best friend’s brother, but it was so much more. I never get enough of this series.

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