First Line Friday: Overruled by Bella Matthews

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Today’s book is Overruled by Bella Matthews.

“You gonna catch me if I fall, Becks?”

“What?” I turn just in time to offer a hand to my sister Lenny’s best friend, Juliette, as she unties the laces on her sandals before sliding onto the stool next to me. Her mile-long legs cross, showing off inch after inch of toned, tanned skin in a little white gauzy strapless sundress that glows under the moonlight. Golden-blonde waves lie artfully against bare shoulders, and big honey-brown eyes bat inky black lashes at me when she finally succeeds in removing both shoes.

“Come on. Aren’t you going to offer to buy a girl a drink, Becks?”

“King Corp. owns the resort, Jules. You haven’t paid for a drink all week.” I stuff my phone in my pocket and push the bowl of nuts her way as Armond, the bartender smiles at the stunning supermodel next to me.

“Can I get a sex on the beach, please, Armond?” She bats those damn lashes at him, and I laugh out loud as he trips over himself to make her drink. Jules has always been a little wild.

“See something funny?” She leans back on the stool and drags her eyes over me carefully. “Or are you suddenly realizing there’s something other than you and your phone on this vacation?”

“Remind me again why you’re here,” I taunt, knowing full well my sister invited her. Jules and I don’t actually dislike each other, but this has always been our thing. “I thought this was supposed to be a family vacation.”

About: Becket is probably the most mysterious of the Kingston clan because the only things we know about him are that he’s a lawyer and everyone seriously hates his girlfriend and never misses an opportunity to tell him how much they hate Kendall. I had no idea what to expect from Becket but I knew it would be good and it was excellent.


“You gonna catch me if I fall, Becks?”

I should have known those words, whispered to my best friend’s brother, would come back to haunt me . . . But I had no idea he’d be the only one who could save me when my world threatens to come crashing down.

Becket Kingston is a lot of things. Tall, dark and deliciously handsome, he’s corded muscle hidden beneath an expensive suit, with eyes the color of an angry ocean, and a sharp tongue good for so many things.

And this future US Senator with a brain even bigger than his bank account is about to be my fake husband.

It was supposed to be easy . . . until it wasn’t. This relationship we carefully curated for the public has become something completely different behind closed doors—and the occasional open ones.

I knew we needed to lie to everyone we loved to pull this off.
But how long can we lie to ourselves?

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