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Review: Wild Island Love by Melissa Foster

Leni Steele might be looking for love, but she’s definitely not looking to be someone’s fake date.

Especially not one of the most infuriatingly handsome and annoyingly cocky actors on the planet, Duncan Raz.

But when the owner of the PR firm for which she works forces her to walk the red carpet on his arm, she has no choice. Neither wants to be there, much less with each other.

They’re like oil and water, and he gets on her last nerve. But after a few tequila shots, that’s not all he gets on. What was supposed to be one date turns into a media frenzy they can’t afford to ignore, and Leni has no other option than to continue the ruse.

All the fake kisses furtive glances, and seductive touches eventually start to feel very real. But Raz didn’t earn his A-list-actor status for nothing.

Is he just doing what he does best? Playing a role? Or is Leni the leading lady in Raz’s real-life love story?

Leni is a cranky workaholic who has no room in her life for anything but work. Her boss begs her to attend a red-carpet event on the arm of the cocky movie star she can’t stand. Duncan “Raz” Raznick is their most difficult client, and the last person Leni wants to hang out with let alone fake date. How can they pretend to be on a date when she can’t stand the guy? He might be a talented actor, but she can’t fake it. But all of her pleas fall on deaf ears, and she eventually gives in, only to find Raz isn’t who she thought he was, and they have a great time together. In fact, they have such a good time that he spends the night, which is documented by the paparazzi, turning Leni’s world upside down. She can’t tell anyone the truth, so the whole world thinks they’re actually dating and she can’t confide in a soul.

Duncan feels awful that Leni got shoved into the spotlight unwillingly, but he also really enjoyed her company. It’s selfish of him, since his celebrity turns life into a circus, but he wants more time with Leni, even though she resists. He’s so patient and sweet with her, Duncan’s practically a saint. I liked Leni but she was cranky and often downright mean to him. She’s having fun too and loves being with Duncan, but she’ll never admit it, especially not to him. He could read her like a book though and she could say whatever she wanted but there was no denying she wanted to be with him, even if she refused to admit it.

This is a fun and funny enemies to lovers/fake relationship, which are two of my favorites tropes, so I knew it would be good. There are a few laugh out loud moments and plenty of heat between these two. This is my first book in the series but it worked just fine as a standalone, so I didn’t feel like I missed anything. Leni and Duncan are adorable together and I really loved their story. Thank you to the author and Grey’s Promotions for giving me an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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