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Review: Only Mine by Laura Pavlov

Wolf Wayburn is the devil in an Armani suit. Most women would drop to their knees at just the sight of him. Lucky for me—I’m not most women.

The first time we met, he cut me off at a gas station.
So, I flashed him the bird and mocked his family jewels.
The second time we met, he tried to get me fired.
He took his shot—and he missed.
At least for now.
Wolf Wayburn was an ex-Navy SEAL with an attitude.
But it would take a lot more than the big, bad Wolf to scare me off.
I had ninety days to win the man over.
To convince him that I was the right person for the job.
But spending endless amounts of time with him proved more challenging than I’d expected.
He was stubborn and broody and charming and sexy—all at the same time.
I despised him as much as I craved him.
We taunted and teased and terrorized one another for weeks.
The first time he dropped to his knees, it was to search me for a weapon.
The second time… it was an altogether different story.
I never planned to fall for the enemy.
Because I knew it was easier to hate Wolf Wayburn than to love him.

I love the Honey Mountain series, but Dylan was my least favorite Thomas sister – until her book. There was so much more to Dylan than we saw in everyone else’s story and Wolf even beat out Nico as my favorite guy of the bunch, which is a BFD, trust me. Dylan is loud and unapologetic, but also completely different than what I was expecting. She was also so much more. Once we get a deeper sense of her, we learn Dylan is driven, determined and fearless but also shockingly tactful in a professional setting, which came as a bit of a surprise.

I wasn’t surprised that it’s an enemies-to-lovers story. That’s the only way to go for Dylan since she’s full of big emotions and not shy about telling the world how she feels or what she thinks. Dylan is fiercely protective of her sisters and very good at her job, even when big, beautiful jerks get in her way.

She wants this job and there’s only one thing standing in her way: Wolf. Everyone else loves her and they know she’s the right person for the job, but she’s the last person Wolf wants in the position. His father doesn’t understand Wolf’s negative reaction to Dylan and forces them to work together for a trial period before making an official decision.

Wolf is completely against it, but Dylan can’t wait to prove her new nemesis wrong. It doesn’t take long for her to impress him once she starts making deals and since he’s a big enough person to admit it, she sees him a bit differently, too. Forced to work together, travel together and even to be neighbors, they go from hating each other to wanting each other to falling hard. The banter between these two is perfect and I loved everything about their story.

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