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Review: The Broken Protector by Nicole Snow

Starting over isn’t easy when an unexpected hero crashes her plans in this steamy and gripping new small-town enemies-to-lovers romance by Wall Street Journal bestselling author Nicole Snow.

My fresh start turned into a dumpster fire.
Awesome new job. Small town heaven. Friendly faces galore.
Then I strolled into my new home and found the unspeakable.
Just when I’m sure it can’t get worse, I’m “rescued” by a man who makes me see red for miles.

Enter Lucas Graves.
A bossy grump with a badge who’s sworn to keep me safe.
He rocks the scary-hot vibe, he reads too much, and he never misses a chance to give me crap for being a nerdy little cactus who mouths back.
Not the type of man I’d go for in my right mind.
Definitely not the type I should keep trading bruising kisses with.

Redhaven, North Carolina has driven me insane.
Why else does my heart race when Lucas gets jealous and overprotective?
How could I think he’ll ever share more than another reckless night?
He guards his own battered heart as fiercely as he watches over me.

It can’t get more complicated.
Oh, but then it does.
There’s a razor-thin line between heartbreak and hope with a broken protector.
He’s so wrong for me I could scream.
But I’m not losing sleep over the very real danger I’m in.
I’m terrified that Lucas Graves might be the best thing that’s ever happened—if he’d let us happen at all.

This big slice of feel-good small-town romance brings enemies to lovers fire, hilarious sweetness, heart-thumping suspense, and all the butterflies. Smile yourself silly as one big bossy lunk tries to keep his heart and his secrets from the headstrong new girl destined to make him whole.

Delilah left New York City for a fresh start in North Carolina. She’s never been a small-town girl but she’s willing to give it a try. It’s not like she’s leaving behind a great career or anyone special, since she’s fleeing a dead-end job and stalker ex who won’t take no for an answer. Her new starts off very badly, when Delilah walks into her new home to find the dead body of a beautiful young woman. She’s caught in a mystery as soon as she sets foot in her new town and things keep getting worse. She butts heads with a gorgeous but infuriating cop who always seems to be looking over her shoulder while fending off advances from both her creepy new boss and his clingy son.

Ulysses is a beautiful man who seems very sweet and appears to be smitten with Delilah. But although he’s been nothing but kind, she can’t shake the feeling his family is bad news. His father is a creep of the highest order and always seems to be undressing her with his eyes. The family is basically royalty and they run this small town. They’re known for high-profile parties attracting huge names, including Hollywood stars and tech billionaires, but not all of the guests who attend make it safely home. She’s already on edge after finding the body and being showered with attention by both Ulysses and his father, but things continue to spiral when it becomes clear that someone’s stalking her.

The creepy ex she hoped to leave behind is the obvious suspect, however she’s also had some run-ins with Culver Jacobin, another local but one who seriously creeps her out. Things quickly get complicated between Delilah and the hot cop but they can’t seem to agree on anything aside from how much they want each other. Things are really heating up between them when she finds out Lucas lied and Delilah can’t forgive him. She doesn’t know if someone’s trying to run her out of town or if it’s something much worse but there’s no shortage of suspects and she’s too angry at her hot cop to let him protect her.

This is a great start to a new series and I can’t wait for more. The characters are real, the mystery just keeps getting deeper and the suspense grows with every page. This is one I could not put down. I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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