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Review: Sinful Kingdom by Tracy Lorraine

Including the one I kept telling myself… that he was coming for me.

The illusion that I was safe, shattered with every step as I ran.

Much like Alex, this world is nothing more than wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing.

Beautiful, breathtaking.

Until you find yourself alone, running barefoot through the woods, second-guessing every shadow.

What I need is a miracle, and thankfully one comes.

Weak and broken, I find my way into my family’s waiting arms, against all odds.

But the relief is only short-lived because what I’ve just been through barely scratches the surface of this sinister nightmare.

I should run. I should hide. But when the lives of those I love are at stake, all sense of rationality goes out the window.

He saved me when I needed him most.

It’s time I return the favour. Even if it means ruining any kind of future we could have had in the process.

We’re meant to be building a kingdom, but brick by brick, it’s all crumbling around us.

Alex continues to surprise me, but Evie is the one who really impressed me — and everyone else, I think – at the end. Her nerves of steel and determination to save those she loves is beyond impressive. She’s unstoppable, a force who leaves everyone awed, Alex included. Of all the amazing women in this series, she may be the biggest badass of all, which is no small feat. The trafficking ring has managed to take some prisoners, but she’ll be the catalyst that frees the others. It wasn’t easy but Evie proved able to handle the pressure when she demanded a meeting with Theo’s dad and the other leaders.

Evie needed help getting an audience with the bosses and nobody wanted to step up at first. Ant set aside his fears and trusted her others when nobody else would listen, proving himself once again to be a true friend they can depend on for anything. Alex stepped up in a lot of ways too, taking care of Zay and being his anchor when the kid needed someone most. I think even Alex was surprised at his capacity to love and take care of other people. Unlike his brother, Alex has always hidden his darkness well, so well that even Daemon may not know how deep it runs, but Evie sees it and she embraces it because she loves him completely.

And that’s exactly what he needs to start healing. Their story had a few fun surprises for the others, including a shocking revelation from Alex and Daemon’s mum, new bonds forming in unlikely places and a surprise for this couple at the end. I love the way their story played out and how it ended, although I’m sad a series I love so much has to end. Fortunately, we’ll get some closure with a look into the future for the whole gang with the release of Knight’s Ridge Destiny, coming June 8, and I can’t wait.

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