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ARC Review: Star Crossed Letters by Sarah Deeham

One girl with a typewriter + one movie star = anonymous pen pals, a secret crush, and a steamy, slow-burn summer to risk it all.

The bookshop barista…
When I sold a vintage typewriter, I never imagined its new owner would become my pen pal, best friend, and secret crush.
We have two rules: no photos and no real names.

Over the years, “Remington” and I go from typewritten notes to daily texts, but our rules stay the same. And so does my life. I’m a wannabe writer who can’t complete a novel, and I’ve fallen for a guy who I’ve never met.

So when I receive a letter my Nanna wrote before she died encouraging me to embark on a summer of risks—my first on the list is to break all the rules.

& the celebrity…
I hate keeping secrets from my pen pal, the one woman I care about. But I’m Hollywood’s hottest celebrity, and my fame is toxic. If I get close to a girl, she becomes vulnerable, stalked by the tabloids, trolls, and superfans.

Our anonymous friendship works until “Typewriter Girl” suddenly ghosts me. Now, I’ll do anything to ensure she’s safe, including stepping out from behind the screen and leading a double life.

Star-Crossed Letters is book 1 in the Falling for Famous contemporary romance series. It features:
*Friends to lovers
*Slow burn & swoony
*Movie star hero & ordinary girl
*Secret crush
*Mysterious pen pal
*Forced proximity in a Malibu mansion
*Bookshop and cafe vibes
*Meet-cute involving a typewriter

This is the sweet story of two pen pals who both want more but life keeps getting in the way. Olivia has stuck to the agreement for years: no name, no pictures, no real-life relationship. But she wants more from life, which includes Remington. Her pen pal is the only man she’s ever really wanted so she has to take a shot. Things don’t go as planned and then they’re unable to communicate for a while, so they’re both kind of left hanging and both miserable without the other.

Chase is the world’s biggest movie star and has the world at his fingertips: he’s rich, handsome and Hollywood’s It boy; women want him, and men want to be him but the one thing he wants most in the world is his pen pal, Typewriter Girl, is the thing he can’t have. His celebrity ruins everything when it comes to personal relationships and the people he loves so he has to keep his distance, for Olivia’s sake, even if it’s killing him.

But when Olivia goes dark, Chase knows he has to check on her, even though it means breaking every rule. He decides that he’ll just be Chase James, movie star, and not let on that he’s Remington. Once he knows Olivia is okay, he’ll return to LA and never see her in person again, but he’ll still have his best friend in their own way. Of course, things never work out as planned and the two are thrown together time after time for various reasons. He’s determined to resist her and keep his secret for her sake, but Olivia is smitten with her new friend Chase and wants more from their relationship.

This is a sweet and funny slow burn with a fun cast and likeable MCs. I really enjoyed these characters and the will-they/won’t-they dynamic kept me turning pages. This is my first book by the author but I’m excited to check out more of her work. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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