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ARC Review: Accidental Attachment Max Monroe

A successful writer accidentally sends her new (and super-dreamy) editor the wrong manuscript. Instead of the full-length paranormal novel she promised Longstrand Publishing, she sends the fan fiction she’s written about her crush…on himincluding every detail of the hot, steamy “physical activity” she’s fantasized about happening between them.

And Chase Dawson may be the hottest man alive and a super-talented editor to boot, but he’s completely oblivious that he’s the star of the manuscript he just convinced his boss to green-light.

Brooke Baker has been through a lot in her thirty-one years of life.

A divorce.
A career change.
A move to New York City from “small-town” Ohio.
Not to mention, she has a bit of a medical condition that involves occasional fainting spells, mild embarrassment, and the companionship of her adorable service dog and canine sidekick, Benji.

But none of it has prepared her for this.

None of it prepared her for Chase Dawson.

Strong jaw, blue eyes, cut muscles, and a perfect swoop of superhero-worthy black hair, Chase’s features are those of a book boyfriend and then some. Obviously, Brooke would know—she literally filled an entire manuscript with it.

A manuscript no one was ever supposed to see.

Will she survive two months of revising and editing the sizzling romance she imagined with Chase in extremely close quarters with him? Or will the constant white lies and overwhelming attraction make her spontaneously combust?

This story was so much fun to read. It’s a bit of a departure from the authors’ usual hot alpha goofball story, but in the best possible way. Brooke is a huge dork and possibly the most relatable FMC in the history of storytelling. We’ve all humiliated ourselves at some point, although some more than others and hers is a real doozy. She’s a reclusive romance author who’s closed herself off from much of the world due to a complicated health condition. You can’t help but empathize with her struggles, but she does get a kick-ass superhero best friend out of it, so there’s a bright spot in it all.

Chase is the sweet new editor at Brooke’s publisher and the best eye candy she’s ever had. The man is gorgeous, charming and did I mention hot as hell? Brooke has been smitten since their first meeting, but Chase is off-limits because she’s already awkward enough and won’t make things uncomfortable by banging her editor. Probably. At least, that’s her intention. But things get more complicated by the minute. Brooke has been relaxing by writing filthy fanfic describing her very vivid, very specific fantasies starring none other than her editor. It’s just a bit of naughty fun she enjoys, until the day she accidentally sends it to him by mistake.

That would be mortifying enough by itself, but Chase loves the book. He raves about it and gets his boss to green-light it despite the fact that it’s not at all what the publisher wanted from Brooke. He believes in this story so much he’s willing to bet his career and she’s truly grateful for that, but they have to rush the editing so she’s going to be working closely with Chase a whole lot in coming weeks. She barely has a chance to freak out about that pressure before circumstances change, requiring her to live in a motor home with him for the next few weeks for a publicity tour.

This is a deliciously slow-burn worth every minute of waiting. The characters are lovable and fun. They make the best of the situation and enjoy getting to know one another even as they’re both dancing around the mutual attraction, desperate to will it out of existence so they can do their jobs. It’s a feel good story with great characters, plenty of heart and an adorable dog, what more do you need? I loved everything about Brooke and Chase’s story and will definitely read it again. I received an ARC from the authors in exchange for an honest review.

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