First Line Friday: My Dark Romeo by LJ Shen + Parker S Huntington

I haven’t done a book tag in forever so this week I jumped on First Line Friday after seeing it on Susan Love Books. This tag is hosted by Reading Is My Superpower.

Today’s book is My Dark Romeo by LJ Shen and Parker S Huntington, a modern retelling of Beauty & The Beast.

I always assumed my life was a romance novel. That between my pages nestled a happily ever after. It never occurred to me that I miscategorized my genre. That it could be a horror story. A blood-chilling thriller.

Then Romeo Costa typhooned into my world, ripping off my rose-colored glasses.

He taught me darkness.

He taught me strength.

Most importantly, he delivered the cruelest lesson of all–there’s beauty in every beast. Thorns in every rose. And a love story can blossom — even from the carcass of hate.


It was supposed to be a harmless kiss at a lavish debutante ball.
A clandestine moment with a handsome stranger.

But unlike his namesake, my Romeo isn’t driven by love.
He’s fueled by revenge.

To him, I’m a chess piece. Leverage.
His rival’s betrothed.

To me, he is a man deserving of poison.
A dark prince I refuse to marry.

He thinks I’ll accept my fate.
Well, I plan to rewrite it.

And in my story, Juliet doesn’t die.
But Romeo? He perishes.

My Dark Romeo is a standalone reluctant arranged marriage romance between a cruel billionaire heir and a feisty heiress unafraid to fight back. It is set in the decadent Dark Prince Road world.

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