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Review: Insatiable by Melanie Harlow

I didn’t mean to see him naked–it was an accident.
It had to be, right?

Because Noah McCormick and I have never been anything more than friends.

In all the years I’ve known him, he’s never once laid a finger on me. And even though he was a cute lifeguard at 16 and a hotter-than-hell sheriff’s deputy at 34, he’s always been that protective guy I could trust to keep his hands to himself. I never wanted to mess with that.

Until I walked in on him getting out of the shower and saw his hard, muscular body totally bare and dripping wet. At that moment I never wanted to mess with anything so badly in my entire life. 

I should have covered my eyes. Said I was sorry. At the very least, I could have handed him a towel.

After all, I was only in town for a few days, and he was just doing me a favor by escorting me to my sister’s wedding. It wasn’t a real date. 

But I didn’t apologize. And he didn’t cover up.
(Talk about a hot mess.)
After all those years of being just friends, suddenly we’re insatiable.
He’s made it clear he’s not interested in romance. Which is fine with me because I’ve got a plane ticket back to my real life at the end of the week. 

It’s all in fun…or is it?

Meg and Noah have been friends since high school. They’ve gone their separate ways and don’t get to see one another very often anymore, but their bond is as strong as ever. Although they’ve never acted on their mutual attraction, there have been a few close calls, like the time Meg was sure he was going to kiss her, but she tells herself she imagined it.

She did not. Noah was indeed about to kiss her but stopped himself. Their friendship is too important to risk for a fling so they’d never let a good time come between them. Until Meg goes home for her sister’s wedding and accidentally walks in on Noah in the shower, then suddenly all bets are off. These two have so much chemistry but they’ve been fighting it for so long, I don’t think they know what to do.

They don’t want to risk their friendship but even beyond that, life is complicated. Meg couldn’t wait to leave their small town but now she’s bored with the city and misses home. She’s not sure what’s next for her. Noah is struggling with some serious issues, not the least of which is an enormous guilt he carries, for being perfectly healthy while his twin suffers from cerebral palsy.

I loved these characters so much and really enjoyed their story. It’s a little bit angsty with some humor and tension and eventually a lot of steam. The supporting cast is a lot of fun since everyone is preparing for Franny and Mack’s wedding. This series is a favorite and I highly recommend it.

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