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Review: Dirty Devil by Melissa Ivers

Pretending to be a hot hockey player’s girlfriend shouldn’t be a problem.

Except when that player is my brother’s teammate, Foster Craig, with the body of a god and a British accent that melts the panties straight off my lady bits. Did I mention that I might have a teeny crush on him?

But after a picture of an accidental kiss goes viral, he makes an offer I’d be hard pressed to refuse. A few dates in exchange for a lot of money. It seems harmless enough. And besides, I have a dead car, a baby to take care of, and a romance novel to write.

I just have to remember–No. More. Hockey. Players. Especially one who scores more off the ice than on.

Even if he comes to my rescue after my car breaks down. Or attempts to make me a cake for my birthday. Or dances with my two month old son when he thinks I’m not watching. I’m trying to resist him, but when he offers to help me test out “positions” for the novel I’m writing, things get a little… complicated. (And I’m not just talking about the Reverse Wheel Barrow with a Corkscrew Twist.)

And I find myself breaking my rules one by one.

If I take my heart out of the penalty box, am I going to end up being checked by yet another player?

Foster Craig is a player on and off the ice. He’s a notorious playboy and that image is the last thing he needs right now while his contract is up for renewal. He’s been sleeping alone, staying out of the public eye and behaving himself in every possible way. Until one panicked kiss changes everything. Avery is his friend’s little sister and a single mom so she’s completely off-limits, no matter how much he wishes things were different. She’s also gorgeous and sweet so when that kiss goes public, his agent wants him to keep the relationship up for good PR. Easier said than done, since there’s no relationship at all, but he has something Avery wants too, so they make a deal.

Avery lusts after Foster Craig but she’ll never date another hockey player. No way, no how. She’s been burned before and has a lifelong reminder so that’s a mistake she’ll never repeat. But being her friend’s fake girlfriend should be safe enough. And the money he’s offering means she doesn’t have to rush back to work. The chance to finally write her novel is too good to pass up and more time at home with the baby is priceless, so it’s an offer she can’t refuse. But it doesn’t take long for their mutual attraction to upend all their carefully laid plans. Foster and Avery are great together, sweet and funny with just the right amount of heat. Their story is a low angst, fun read and it was my first of the series but definitely won’t be my last.

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