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Review: Thorne Princess by LJ Shen

An addictive standalone about a Hollywood princess who is desperate to self-destruct…and the grumpy bodyguard who saves her.

I landed in hot water with the tabloids one too many times.
What can I say? My nipple wanted to come out and say hi to the paparazzi.
After that, my father presented me with an ultimatum—either he cuts off the gravy train and stops paying for my lavish lifestyle or I agree to have a live-in bodyguard.
And by bodyguard, I mean a sexy, formidable, out-of-this-world babysitter who just happens to be good at breaking spines.
Ransom Lockwood, ladies and gentlemen.
Now he is forcing me to try all kinds of weird stuff. Stop partying, clean up my act, get a job…
A part of me wants to tell him to get lost. I’m past saving.
But the other part? The other part wants to save him.

I was expecting a grumpy-sunshine story with a party girl h and uptight, hothole bodyguard but this story is so much more. The characters have so many layers and so much depth, it’s far more intricate. Hallie’s family has always treated her as an embarrassment but they’re the reason she’s always struggled. They’ve ignored and belittled her for her entire life, resulting in a meaningless, empty existence. She doesn’t have any true friends, has never had a romantic relationship and has no self-esteem at all. She goes through the motions of living while loathing every minute and hates herself for being this person.

Ransom has a dark mind and is known for his lack of emotion. They call him The Robot because nothing seems to faze him. He really doesn’t have feelings or relationships, thanks to the horrible childhood he survived. Growing up as an orphan in a nightmare, he did what he had to do, and survival is all he knows. Ransom’s all hard edges and confidence but Hallie is the first person to ever make him feel something real and he’s not a big fan at first. It’s entertaining to watch him struggle with his feelings for her and see a softer side he never knew existed. They’re polar opposites in a lot of important ways and get off on the wrong foot, but eventually form a tentative friendship that turns to more. Nothing can be easy though, especially not for MCs with such heavy baggage so it’s a damn wild ride and I loved every minute.

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