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ARC Review: Dirty Crazy Bad book 2 by Siobhan Davis

In the secret society of The Luminaries, no sin will go unpunished…

The Greed & Gluttony Luminary has trapped us into executing his evil plans, and it seems we have little option but to agree. Carter has orchestrated Chad’s kidnapping, and he holds my mom’s life in his hands.

Then he drops a game-changer

We must play our parts—or at least look like we are—because the fate of our loved ones, and the world at large, depends upon it. There is no choice.

It’s a delicate balancing act, with many obstacles and no guarantee of success. Carter has spent years planning his takeover and knowing who to trust is impossible.

Teamwork is the only way we can defeat him. But that is challenging when relationships are fractured, the guys are sworn enemies, and loyalties have been pushed to their limits.

It’s up to me to make this work, so I will push my grief aside to be there for Ares, Jase, and Chad.

Rhett Carter cannot become Lord of the Luminaries and we’re the only ones that can stop him.

This is a 131k-word full-length novel and book two of two. It cannot be read as a stand-alone, and it ends with an HEA for our heroine and her harem. This book contains mature content, including cursing and graphic scenes. This is a dark, reverse harem, secret society, stepbrother romance, and it may contain triggers for some readers.

I’ll be honest: I expected so many things from the conclusion, but I didn’t really expect Ares to end up where he did. It didn’t seem possible, but it was a nice surprise. This duet reminded me of the Rydeville Elite series because of the crazy secret society stuff but it was so different, they’re really not comparable. This book is full of suspense and intrigue, so I spent most of it waiting for the next blow to fall but I loved every minute of it. I couldn’t put this book down because I totally HAD TO know what happened next and couldn’t wait.

Ash continued to prove her strength and show us her determination. She wanted her men, and nothing was going to stand between them. They had everything to lose here so it was the fight of their lives. It’s almost impossible to discuss this story without being a spoiler, so I’m struggling here but just know that this is a must-read and you will love every minute. Don’t miss the prequel! I received an ARC from Literally Yours PR in exchange for an honest review.

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