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Review: Reined In by Kim Loraine

One night together nearly ruined our friendship, but then two pink lines changed our lives forever.

When I got out of the military and came back to Ryker Ranch, all I wanted was a place to call home. I found that with Jenna Hughes. She offered me a roof over my head on one condition – that we stay firmly in the friend zone.

It’s all going fine until a blizzard derails our plans, and we obliterate the line we swore never to cross. Now, I can’t look at my roommate without wanting more.

Especially when Jenna tells me she’s pregnant.

But the last thing she wants is for me to stick around because of the baby. She doesn’t realize she’s had me roped for a long time, and I never want her to let go of the reins. How the hell can I convince my sweet stubborn girl to let me love her without scaring her away?

Jenna and Trent’s story is a sweet friends to lovers that starts with Trent trying to give his bestie one single birthday that isn’t cursed. Jenna has the worst luck with birthdays and this year is no different, when a blizzard comes along, forcing her to cancel her ugly Christmas sweater non-birthday party. Drinking and being snowed in leads the two friends to drop their inhibitions for one amazing night but then things get a bit awkward, especially when she realizes she’s pregnant.

They just wanted some casual fun but now everything has changed. Trent’s all in but Jenna believes he’s only trying to do right by her. A lot of the story is watching her pushing him away, but Trent never gives up. I liked Jenna but she frustrated me at times because they’re supposed to be friends, but she refused to take his words at face value and her reactive nature made them both suffer. Trent is patient and loyal and there’s so much to love. He’s got the gruff cowboy exterior but he’s all heart inside. This was my first book in the series, but I’m going to check out the others because I really enjoyed Ryker Ranch. I received an ARC from Candi Kane PR in exchange for an honest review.

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