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Review: Corrupt Knight by Tracy Lorraine

The night we met, she was just another one-night stand.

We were never meant to see each other again, and my best friend certainly wasn’t supposed to go and fall in love with her best friend.

Collateral damage… she’s already broken my biggest rule when we hooked up for a second, third, fourth, and maybe a few more times.

She’s everywhere I turn. I can’t escape her or the things she makes me feel.

Thanks to my best friend wanting to do anything to make his girl happy, she’s the newest teacher at Knight’s Ridge College.

If I needed to stay away before, now I have no choice. Not only is she an obsession I don’t need… she’s forbidden.

But I’ve never been as good at following the rules, so much as breaking them. I need to be careful before she gets too close to break me.

The consuming darkness inside threatens to take over following my father’s death, and I find myself craving her light even more than ever.

The only problem is, I don’t want her to rescue me. I want to drag her down… corrupt her.

We’re a match made in hell that first night we met, so why stop now when playing with fire is so much fun.

I never get enough of this series and I may start every review in the KRE books that way but if so, I’m not even sorry because this is the best of the best. I fell in love with Stella and Seb but each trilogy is better than the last. Nico has been my least favorite of the guys so far plus he’s following Batman, the best of them all, so I didn’t think Nico really stood a chance. And I have to admit, he pissed me off. A LOT. But I also love him. Bri is an enigma in so many ways because she’s so strong and independent yet she can’t say no to Nico. She knows what she wants and takes it in every aspect of her life but she’s helpless to his charms even when he’s a complete jackass so it’s a wild ride. She’s perfect, like all the h’s in this series, just a complete badass in every way.

We last saw Nico falling apart after their losses in the latest battle with the Italians and not much has changed. Nico’s a mess, struggling with the loss of his father, ignoring his sister’s pain and annoyed that she fell for Daemon, of all people. He just wants to drink himself into oblivion until it’s time for the next face off with Mariano’s men, where he’ll have his revenge. He’s so out of it that he doesn’t even know the role that Ant and Enzo are playing in the war. But even as he wrestles with his rage and self-loathing, he wants his Siren, who never disappoints.

Their friends are convinced that Bri will finally be the one who breaks down his walls and pulls him back to life, although she doesn’t have such faith. She knows their relationship is purely physical and it will never be anything more, since he’d die alone the floor before letting her in. Neither one of them can see what’s obvious to everyone else. But when Nico finally starts to realize how badly he needs her, he gets angry and takes out his fury on Bri. He sees it as a weakness and acts out against her when he’s really mad at himself.

This story ends on a cliffhanger but since the second book was also released, I am already enjoying the next installment. The wait for the final book is going to brutal, as always, even though it’s only a few weeks. If you haven’t grabbed this one yet, stop what you’re doing and get them both right now.

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