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Review: Secret Keeper by Stacey Lynn

What started as a typical night out with my team, became the best night of my life.

Picking up a smoking hot blonde, I take her back to the hotel, expecting the evening to go down like any other.

But nothing about her is average… she’s sassy, witty and throws me off my game. After one incredible night, I wake up wanting to see her more than I want to go to hockey practice. Then another first happens, she kicks me out – wearing only a sheet and a frown.

The next time I see her, three months later, I knock her on her ass. Literally. Even dripping in tears, she’s still the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met.

Then I find the source of her tears. Her father. My hockey coach.

Turns out, I’ve gone and fallen for my coach’s daughter. Our attraction is undeniable. It’s also unavoidable since she’s now travelling with our team. I have more to lose than a spot on my hockey team if he catches us… like my heart.

Good thing I’m a pro at keeping secrets.

I was all hung up on whatever was going on with Alix in Kane and Emmy’s book so I couldn’t wait to find out. Turns out this major player met his match with a recent one night stand, but she promptly kicked him out and disappeared when she found out he’s a hockey player. He was thrilled at first that she had no idea he was a professional athlete but her horrified reaction made no sense. Alix hasn’t been able to get Ryann out of his head for months but just when he starts to think he’ll never see her again, she takes a job with the team. Alix couldn’t be happier, until he realizes that Ryann is one of Coach Vik’s daughters.

Ryann wants more with Alix, but she’s struggling with how to tell her father about them and worried about his reaction. Alix knows Coach might not be thrilled, but he’s not going to hide what he has with Ryann. She’s everything and Alix won’t pretend otherwise. Ryann is hesitant to upset the delicate balance of her relationship with her father after so many years of estrangement and while Alix understands her reservations, he doesn’t like hiding their truth. He has his own family problems distracting him from life anyway.

These two are so full of heart and heat, I really loved everything about their story. I received an ARC from Valentine PR in exchange for an honest review.

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