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Review: Player by Hattie Jude

The secrets I’m keeping are catching up with me.

I’ve tried to keep my life as simple as possible out of necessity, and for the safety of me and my sister.

I’ve kept my virginity, focused on my grades, and stayed away from trouble.

But the desire to live a normal life is beginning to override everything else.

All I can think about are the three hottest hockey players at Loxley Prep, especially when they start pursuing me.

My plan has been to get through senior year and college and then live a comfortable, quiet existence with a nice, safe guy.

But Roscoe, Jude, and Ethan have other plans in mind—and trust me, there is nothing safe about the three of them.

I loved the Loxley Prep series with Lennon and her boys but I knew Ever had a juicy story, so I was excited to finally get it. Her life did not disappoint. She’s been through so much and is still suffering. These secrets burden her something awful, but she doesn’t share them with anyone, not even Lennon, so Ever’s sister, Sadie, is the only person can she truly confide in. Until Roscoe.

The hot hockey star could have any girl in school, but he wants Ever and she finds that hard to believe. The two form a sweet friendship that eventually becomes more. Sure, Roscoe’s hot but Ever can’t help feeling guilty as she lusts after his best friend, Jude. And while their third bestie starts out as her biggest enemy, she soon has Ethan under her spell as well. The guys are happy sharing and Ever’s just relieved she doesn’t have to choose because she loves them all. Her mysterious past is starting to catch up, so things get a bit dicey, but these men won’t let any harm come to her.

I enjoyed Ever’s story a lot. There’s a great balance between the steam and the emotions and I really felt their connections — not just hers with the guys but also the strength of their friendship with each other. The tension between her and Roscoe as friends who both clearly wanted more just sizzled while the dynamic with Ever and Ethan was fire. I liked Jude but while she had this complex love-hate thing with Ethan and this deep, soulmate type connection with Roscoe, the draw with Jude seemed to be purely physical and never seemed as deep so weren’t quite as yummy. I loved Ever’s story and am probably Team Ethan out of all the guys, but this was a fun read. I also really want Sadie’s story now and hope it’s coming soon. I received an ARC from Valentine PR in exchange for an honest review.

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