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Review: Heartless by Elsie Silver

Working as a nanny for the world’s grumpiest single dad should have been simple. Except I can’t keep my eyes off him. And he can’t keep his hands off of me.

Cade Eaton is thirteen years older than I am and barely looks my way. Until I get him into the hot tub one night for a game of truth or dare. Then all bets are off—and so are our clothes.

He’s gruff, a little rough around the edges. But broad-shouldered ranchers with calloused hands and filthy mouths are this city girl’s kryptonite. So who am I to resist?

But it’s in our quiet moments together that he softens. It’s when he takes care of me that I realize his hardened exterior is just a façade. It’s when I watch him go all sweet with his little boy that I really fall for him.

Someone convinced him once that his best wasn’t good enough. But I’ve never felt more cherished than I do in his arms.

My contract may say this arrangement is only for two months.

But my heart says this is forever.

I didn’t think any couple could outshine Summer + Rhett but I stand corrected. Willa + Cade are hilarious yet steamy + just perfect together. The attraction is there from the first time they meet but they both work so hard to fight it, especially Cade but I had so much fun watching them get there. They’re polar opposites in many ways: she’s the sassy city girl and he’s the silent, brooding rancher but they find common ground in their love for Luke and form an unlikely friendship. Albeit one that tortures them both since they’re equally determined to never give in. Luke is adorable and adds so much to the story through his bond with Willa.

Summer, Rhett and Beau all add a little something and Harvey nearly steals the show a few times so the supporting cast is perfect. It looks like Jasper’s story is coming next and while I like Jasper, I really want more Beau so I hope we get his story soon. This story is sweet, hot and laugh out loud funny at times so it left me wanting more. I’d give this series ten stars out of five if I could because it’s already a favorite and we’re only on book 2. I received an ARC from Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.  

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