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Review: Matchmaking A Single Dad by Angela Denise

They’re all wrong for each other…but sometimes two wrongs do make a right.

The only woman I need in my life is my eight-year-old daughter, Jane. As a widowed brewery owner, I don’t have the time or inclination for anything more serious than a one night stand. Running the brewery is a big job, and being a parent is a bigger one, especially since my in-laws keep trying to prove I’m an unfit guardian.

But there’s no denying Holly Mayberry drives me crazy with her sassy mouth and attitude. I’ve known her most of my life, but I’ve always done a good job of evading her. Until now. She’s teaching Jane’s after-school computer program, and fate keeps throwing us together.

Holly and I are like oil and water, no good for each other. I need to stop thinking about her, so I agree to beta test a new dating app—one that Holly designed, although she’s the last person I’d tell.

My match and I can only DM each other for thirty days. No photos. No real names. No personal information until the end.

If I wanted more with a woman, Cherry Bomb checks all the boxes…so why can’t I stop thinking about Holly?

* * *

Cole Garrison is a jerk. Or so I’ve told myself for years. The truth is, he’s a DILF and a half, and bickering with him is better than kissing someone else.

Hopefully, the guy I’m chatting up on my dating app will help me forget him…and take his place in my dirty daydreams.

I couldn’t wait for Holly and Cole’s story when we met them in Matchmaking A Billionaire and this book did not disappoint. They have a complicated backstory, by which I mean he made her angry once in high school and she lashed out so they’ve been at one another’s throats ever since. Nobody has ever had the power to infuriate Holly Mayberry like Cole Garrison. He’s a jedi of getting under her skin and Holly’s not even sure why. Except maybe she does know and doesn’t want to admit it to herself.

They’ve shared a couple of hot kisses but it’s never gone further because they can’t stand each other. When Cole’s daughter signs up for the kids coding class Rory sponsors at school, nobody expects her to form an instant bond with the instructor but she does. Holly is more shocked than anyone because she has no experience with kids and no idea how to relate to them.

Luckily for Jane, she’s eight going on thirty-eight and loves coding so she speaks Holly’s language and they become fast friends. Cole is struggling to hold onto his daughter as his late wife’s parents threaten to sue for custody of Jane. He knows Rory has his back and will fund any legal needs but it’s still downright terrifying. The last thing he needs is a distraction in the form of a hot brunette he’s wanted to get his hands on since high school. He tells himself not to touch her, she’s a bad idea. It worked before, after all. But suddenly Holly’s always around and his resolve crumbles more each time she’s within reach.

She doesn’t want to feel an attraction to Cole so strong she can’t ignore it and she certainly doesn’t want to fall in love with him, but she fears that ship sailed years ago. The thought of falling for a single dad is even more daunting than love itself. Holly had awful parents and has never had a relationship so she has no idea how to act with either of them. She’s determined to figure it out though, at least that was plan until Cole goes running scared. I loved these characters, with their smart mouths and bad attitudes. Especially for those reasons, in fact. We get plenty of Bryn and Tina in this story and also lots of Rowan, which was unexpected but I kind of love him, too. Granny Mayberry’s cringey reality dating show starts soon and we meet the new star, Kennedy, who is also Zack’s sister. I suspect book three will be Rowan and Kennedy but I guess we have to wait and see. This book is hilarious, sweet and super steamy. I received an ARC from Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.

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