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ARC Review: Win My Heart by Lauren Helms

A nerdy gamer girl + a teammate’s older brother = a secret relationship that can’t stay hidden forever.

When it comes to gaming,
I’m a pro.
When it comes to my love life?
That’s a different story.

I’ve been crushing on my best friend’s older brother forever.
In return, he’s kept me in the friend zone for way too long.
Then things change between us.
And I get to see a whole new,
And incredibly sexy side to him.

But, he wants to keep things between us a secret.

I made a promise to my brother.
One I refused to break.
Until now.

I’ve ignored my feelings for the girl for way too long.
And the more time we spend together,
The harder I find myself falling.

There’s just one problem,
I can’t let anyone know that I’ve made her mine.

Can I win her heart before it’s game over for us both?

Bernie has been crushing on Wade for years but she’d never act on it since she thinks he’s out of her league. Wade feels the same but he made a promise long ago to his brother that Bernie is off-limits for the good of the team. They’re friends but they both want more and have different reasons for holding back. But when they can’t fight the pull between them anymore and finally give in, they keep their relationship a secret.

At first the secrecy adds extra heat but as it drags on, Bernie starts questioning if they’re hiding for the wrong reasons but Wade still feels guilty about breaking his promise. This struggle puts them at odds but when they realize Bernie may be in danger, nothing else is really important. This is a light and sweet friends to lovers with laughs and a nice touch of suspense. I received an ARC from Indie Pen PR in exchange for an honest review.

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