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ARC Review: Killer Moves by Tawna Fenske

He’s a hacker. A high-tech hitman. And now…a daddy?

When Matteo skips prison with a clean record, his conscience is anything but. Guilt hits him like a sack of marbles when he spots the woman he jilted. The clincher? A child who looks like him.

Renee’s son may have Matteo’s eyes, but she won’t say who fathered AJ. She’s also mum on what sent her into hiding or why guys with guns are after her. But when Matteo blocks an attack, he persuades Renee to appoint him their protector.

Keeping them safe means faking they’re a normal family road tripping with s’mores and snuggles and possibly a sniper rifle. Toss in a potty-training toddler and temptation from the woman he still craves, and it’s officially Matteo’s toughest mission.

But with danger nipping their heels, the only way to save his family may be to leave their lives for good.

Matteo and Renee are both mysterious in their own way so it takes some time to unravel the mystery but there are plenty of laughs and a bit of heat while we work our way to it. They both have tragic pasts but there’s a ton of silliness to balance it. Their story’s an emotional rollercoaster but so much fun to read. And Matteo with a toddler might be one of my favorite things ever. 

We also get an update on Jen and Dante, plus a sneak peek at Seb and Nic. And while all of these heroines kick ass, I’m really intrigued by Nicole after learning a bit more about her so I’m looking forward to the third book, which is Nic and Seb’s story. I especially love the quirkiness of these characters and the random facts in this story. For instance, I learned that Oregon is part desert and I had no idea for all these years. I’m a trivia fool so this is huge for me, although it’s probably common knowledge to everyone else. I got a D in 9th grade geography and never took it again but I digress. I received an ARC from Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review. 

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