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ARC Review: Reckless Princess by Tracy Lorraine

I thought I knew pain.

I thought I’d experienced grief and loss.

But nothing could compare to the moment Toby reached into my chest and ripped my heart out. Shattering the very foundations my life has been built on.

Everything I thought I knew about him was destroyed in an instant. Confirming all my worst fears.

The man he’s shown himself to be has been an act.

A deception.

A sick and twisted game.

He’s nothing more than a monster.

I’m at rock bottom once again, trying to drag myself out of the pit of despair.

But fate is an evil master, and before long I find myself with no other place to turn but him.

He might be cruel.



But I also know that he’ll do anything to right his wrongs.

Because despite my tattered heart, he’s still trying to prove to me that he’s not all bad. That the sweet guy I fell so hard for really exists.

But will it be enough?

This book blew my mind, y’all. Toby and Jodie’s story is even better than I expected and I couldn’t put it down. I shoved my entire TBR aside for this book the moment it appeared in my kindle because I never get enough of Knight’s Ridge Empire. Jodie is understandably devastated when the story opens, picking up just where Reckless Knight left off. Toby is feeling sorry for himself but he also knows he screwed everything up and doesn’t expect to be forgiven, so I did sympathize with him. Like Theo, Toby’s got stalker tendencies but he’s not as bossy and possessive (outside of the bedroom) so those traits are more endearing and less annoying in Toby.

Jodie’s got so much to deal with, that poor girl. I can’t say much without being a spoiler so I’ll just say that she forms some new friendships to help her pick up the pieces of her broken heart and I love the way her girls support her. Stella inserts herself into her brother’s life with the best of intentions and even kicks his ass when he screws up, which I love. She’s my spirit animal.

We get more Sara and Jesse and more of the Wolves in this one, which I enjoyed but I especially love the hints that Nico is still seeing Bri, secretly of course. I was rooting for those two. I have a love/hate relationship with him because of the way he treats his sister but he’s a good friend to Toby so I like him more than I did before this book.

I can’t wait for the conclusion to their story and I hope we get stories for Damon and Calli before the series ends. Damon is so mysterious and definitely has potential to be my favorite, although I love them all. This one exceeded my expectations but ends on what may well be the most excruciating cliffhanger of the series this far, so it’s going to be a long wait for the conclusion of Jodie and Toby’s story. I received an ARC from Candi Kane PR in exchange for an honest review. 

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