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Review: The Savage by Daniela Romero

I wasn’t supposed to fall for him.
I officially cut boys out of my life.
They’re untrustworthy, vicious, and cruel.

I’m not the same reckless, carefree girl I was three months ago.
That girl was naïve.
That girl was stupid.
That girl was destroyed.

I learned my lessons the hard way.
I’m still picking up the pieces of the girl I was before.
And, I know better than to fall for a sinful smile on a pretty face.
So I never should have given him so much as a second glance.

But, if you told me this past summer that PacNorth University’s notorious bad boy was going to become my dark knight, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Gabriel Herrera can’t be my anything.
Only, he tells me I’m his everything.
But putting my trust in the boy with questionable intentions is the kind of devastation I may not survive.

This book started out great. It’s an emotional story because of the awful ordeal Cecilia’s been through and the aftermath she lives with. Gabriel is exactly what she needs; sweet, kind, patient and he cares. The pace moved a little slow for me, but I was still enjoying it up until chapter twenty-six, about 92% on the kindle. Then it all fell apart. I don’t see anywhere in the blurbs that this was part one and ends with a cliffhanger but it does. In hindsight, I feel like the author dragged it out needlessly to stretch one book into two. Even then, I could still accept it if the characters or the plot took a compelling turn, but they don’t. Just the opposite in fact.

Cecilia inexplicably does something foolish that drags out the story, but her action/reaction doesn’t fit. It’s not so much a twist I didn’t see coming but more of a random, inexplicable turn that ruined the story for me. If the book had continued beyond this point to a complete ending, the story probably would have ended up being great but to drag it out, have the h act out of character and make it a cliffhanger is just too much to ask of a reader. I still gave it two and a half stars because I liked most of it so much, but the ending annoyed me enough to cut the rating in half because I won’t bother with the conclusion. I can’t invest more time in these characters only to be disappointed again so I’m not willing to take a chance. I received an ARC from Grey’s Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

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