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Review: Dream Maker by Stacey Lynn

Hooking up with my best friend’s little sister is one thing, getting drunk and marrying her in Vegas is another…

My team just won the Stanley Cup. I should be out on the town celebrating. Instead, I’m nursing a broken heart, courtesy of my ex-wife.

Next thing I know, I’m waking up with my teammate’s sister in my bed wearing a rock the size of the Grand Canyon on her finger. Neither of us remembers saying, I do… but turns out the marriage is as real as the diamond on her finger.

The press is going crazy. The team is pissed. And her brother… well he just might kill me. So, at the advice of my agent, we do the only thing that makes sense—make a plan to stay married until this madness blows over.

It might have started out fake, but Gabby is the one making my dreams come true and showing me what real love is.

Now I just need convince her to stay my wife forever.

Joey Taylor stole my heart in a big way. He’s pretty close to perfect and just the right amount of bossy with a filthy mouth to match. I loved everything about him but Gabby stole the show here. They fell for each other so fast that she was scared it couldn’t last, but instead of doing something ridiculous to blow up the relationship to avoid more pain later, she’s smart enough to consider potential pitfalls in their future then work to prevent them. I love these two both individually and together because they’re both unique characters and they’re so much fun together. Their story gave me a major book hangover because nobody else was going to measure up, so I needed a break before picking up the next one. This is quickly becoming a favorite series so I can’t wait to read Dom’s story next. I received an ARC from Valentine PR in exchange for an honest review.

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