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Review: Enticed by Renee Rose & Vanessa Vale


In Wyoming, we’re the law.

We keep the pack’s secret–and our wolves–safe from our neighbors, the ranchers.

Then we meet her.

The one we’ve been waiting for. Our mate.

Only she’s a rancher—the nemesis of our pack. Worse, she’s the daughter of a wolf hunter.

When danger encroaches on her land, we’re sent to investigate.

We want to protect her. To prove to her we’re exactly what she needs.

But she may be part of an illegal operation. And now she knows we’re more than two rugged cowboys bent on making her ours, which means she could destroy not just us, but the entire pack.

Regardless of the truth, we must claim her. Our lives depend on it.

One way or another we’ll have her. Or die trying.

I haven’t read much paranormal romance and I don’t think I’ve ever read a shifter trope before because I love animals but not like THAT, ya know? Anyway, this one looked good and I wanted to try something new so this one was my first and enjoyed it very much. Holt and Theo are hot lawmen searching for a meth lab but they’re also wolves. They approach their enemy about searching his land and meet his daughter for the first time, immediately recognizing her as their fated mate.

Ali Jenkins is definitely interested in the hot cops at her door but even more after running into them at a bar and being propositioned for a threesome. She knows it’s crazy but she can’t fight her attraction to these two. This story is steamy and has just the right amount of suspense to balance the heat. Their story got me hooked so I’ll be checking out more from the Two Marks series soon. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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