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Review: Doctor Desire by S.L. Sterling

I’d spent the last five years learning from some of the best doctors and surgeons so I could further my career. I’d also spent that time homesick and missing the only place I’d ever call home. When Eastport General Hospital offered me a position I took it. I was so happy to be returning home, but returning home met revisiting the ghosts of my past.

Brielle, my little sister’s best friend was that ghost. We’d had a secret fling the summer before I left, a friends with benefits relationship, no strings attached. Despite that my feelings for her grew. Now I find out that she is now a mother. The woman I had crushed on for years was someone else’s woman and I had no one to blame but myself, after all, I’d left her here.

Only the joke was on me, Brielle didn’t have another man’s child, she had my child. A child I’d known nothing about. How could she not have told me? I didn’t know if I should have been angry or excited….because bottom line was, I was a Dad.

Brielle and Sawyer enjoyed a steamy summer where they couldn’t keep their hands off of one another, just before he left for medical school. It was their secret though because her best friend’s brother is off-limits so nobody could know. Sawyer knew he was in love with Brielle and he didn’t want to leave but he had to go. He expected they’d maintain a long-distance relationship and was heartbroken when she stopped taking his calls. Brielle discovered she was pregnant and flew across the country to break the news to Sawyer. But when she saw him walking with a nurse, she just assumed he had moved on and she went home, determined never to speak to him again. She never told Sawyer he has a daughter.

I liked Sawyer very much but had a hard time connecting with Brielle because she lied to everyone in her life rather than admit she slept with Sawyer and keeping his child from him is inexcusable. I warmed up to her throughout the story but then she had a tantrum that proved she hadn’t matured at all and she annoyed me all over again.

One constant issue throughout the story is that her daughter was supposed to be 4 years old but was written like a baby. She needed to be changed, took a bottle, talked like a two-year-old, threw her food on the floor, fussed in her sleep including randomly shreiking, went to school only a few days per week and other things that only apply to toddlers and don’t fit preschoolers. It’s as though the author wrote the child as a two-year-old, then arbitrarily made her older without changing anything else about the character. It was a huge distraction throughout the entire story so combined with Brielle being selfish and deceitful, I just wasn’t a big fan. I received an ARC from Enticing Journey Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

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