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Review: The Temptation of Dirty Secrets by Holly Renee

Captivating. Vulnerable. Agonizing. Seductive. Frankie Clermont was supposed to be like a sister to me for as long as I’d known her.

But no one knew the depths of our lies.

I had been in love with her before… before everything changed what we could be.

Undeniably connected and effortlessly infatuated, the two of us had remained each other’s weaknesses through everything.

I couldn’t afford to allow her to be my weakness anymore. I was in love with someone else. I was engaged.

But it didn’t matter how much time had passed, the moment I saw her again, I knew I would never escape her.

I never should have touched her again. Whispering her name in the dark was a mistake.

She was still everything I wanted and nothing I should have had.

We became a secret that neither of us could keep.
A devastating secret that would destroy everything.

The cliffhanger in the last book was killing me so I couldn’t wait for the conclusion of Frankie and Olly’s story. Love has been hard on these two because of her overprotective brother and the friendships involved. Frankie felt like Olly’s dirty secret because he wouldn’t fight for her and just walked away. Now in college on the other side of the country, Olly is dating Jordan but never stops thinking about Frankie. She can’t get over him either but finally gets back on the dating scene and ends up with nice guy Ben, who’s the perfect boyfriend in every way but she just doesn’t want him the way she wants Olly.

Frankie knows their relationship isn’t going anywhere and that Ben’s family is having a hard time with the fact he didn’t come home after college because he wanted to stay with her. She should have broken it off with him since she knew she’d never love him the way she loves Olly. When Olly and Jordan get engaged, we learn he only proposed out of obligation to Jordan and immediately regretted it, yet he still doesn’t break it off.

I felt bad for Ben because he deserved better but I didn’t feel bad for Jordan because Olly told her more than once throughout the course of their relationship that he was in love with Frankie and was only dating Jordan because Frankie didn’t want him. In fact, Jordan’s character just confused me because who wants a man who’s in love with someone other than you? No self-respecting woman should put herself in that situation so I was a bit distracted by her throughout this story, but I digress.

Things just get more messy for Frankie and Olly as time passes but I don’t want to give anything away so I’ll just say I love how it ended and this is a must-read. I received an ARC from Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.

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