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Review: Two Pretty Lies by KL Clare

A pretty math prodigy with hidden desires … and secrets.
A ruthless British mercenary with dark cravings.
A dangerous new tale of forbidden love.

She sat alone in a coffeehouse, unaware of what she was doing to me. Katie, the one with innocent eyes. My longing for her was as painful as she was beautiful. That glorious ache became my weakness, my sweet addiction.

I agreed to Katie’s terms with no hesitation, promising not to research her background because I was desperate for her touch. If she were anyone else, her lies would have triggered my anger when I learned her identity. Instead, I only wanted her more.

I was a man who took what he wanted, and I had no intention of letting her go.

Katie and Thomas’ story is a deliciously slow-burn forbidden romance. She’s about to graduate from college and contemplating her future when she spots the sexy stranger in the coffee shop. They have an instant connection and a bit of teasing followed by the perfect date but they couldn’t be more different. Thomas is older and in New York on business so he can’t give her his whole attention. Katie’s young and inexperienced but she knows what she wants. She’s trying to balance decisions about her future with the demands of her overbearing mother while still leaving room in her life for this mysterious new man who’s quickly stealing her heart.

The fragile beginning of their relationship is infinitely complicated when her mother hires a bodyguard and they’re both shocked to realize it’s him. Thomas is a smooth talker with sharp edges, brooding and mysterious. Katie’s sunny and innocent so he’s determined to stay away, but the pull between them is relentless. They complete each other perfectly as Katie’s light balances his darkness and Thomas gives her something she’s never had before: freedom. This age-gap bodyguard romance has a few interesting twists early on to help build the tension and just enough suspense in the subplot to complement the romance without overshadowing it. I received an ARC from Grey’s Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

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