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Review: Cruel Lies by Faith Summers

He’s my villain, my monster, my forbidden path…

Caspian Ivanov and I come from the same dark world.

One where the Bratva and the secret society reign.

And, he’s the son of their ruthless leader.

“I’ll destroy you.”

That’s the last thing he said to me.

It was on the night of the Reaping.

Hard to believe we were ever best friends.

His vengeance is, however, the price I pay for keeping a secret I shouldn’t have kept.

A secret that ripped our families apart.

It made us forbidden to each other.

That’s when he became the viperous devil.

Breathtakingly beautiful but with a cold black heart.
Like any snake, he wanted to poison me.

When our paths collide at Raventhorn University, I stay away from him.

What I don’t expect is to become his obsession.

Or to be forced to become his wife.

Except, we might not get to say I do.

Because someone wants me dead.

Caspian’s life is far too tragic for someone so young so it’s not hard to understand all the rage he feels, especially toward his father. Willow has lived through terror of her own, losing her family in pieces and being left virtually alone. They should have each other but keeping secrets for those she loved cost Willow the one person who meant everything to her. They seem to be making their way back to one another but there are so many obstacles in the way, not the least of which is his father, the Pakhan, has forbidden Caspian to have any contact with Willow.

They go from loving to loathing each other and back again as they struggle to find a place in their strange world: Caspian as the heir his father never wanted and Willow struggling for control of her own life. This story is full of action and suspense so I couldn’t put it down. Besides Willow and Caspian, there’s an intriguing cast of supporting characters and plenty of bad guys, too. The story ends on a cliffhanger being the first in a duet and there’s still more than a month to the release date for book 2 so all of my impatience is boiling over. I can’t wait to see where it goes next.

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