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Review: The Savage Heir by Monique Moreau


I am Nicu, the savage heir of the Romanian mafie Lupu clan.

I love rules: following them, imposing them, enforcing them.

As the last son of the Lupu clan, I would never dishonor our name or tarnish our reputation. But Jewel is neither mafie, nor a virgin.

With no rules to temper my savage nature, it’s no hold’s bar when it comes to her.

And the fact that she’s my fiancée’s best friend?

Means absolutely nothing to me.


I made a terrible mistake, hooking up with my best friend’s fiancé. Those frosty blue eyes and dominant nature were a deadly combination I couldn’t resist.

Not only do I loathe the traditional mafie culture he comes from, but guilt over my mistake is eating me up inside.

I threw him out, swearing to myself that it would never happen again.

There’s just one problem…he won’t leave me alone.

I have a stalker on my hands, only I’m not sure I hate it.

Nicu is Cat’s fiancé but it’s his brother Luca she loves. Her best friend, Jewel, leads Cat to claim her man but pushing the couple together leaves Jewel alone with Nicu and turns both of their lives upside down. He’s bossy and obsessive, she’s guilty and not used to being anyone’s focus. He knows she’s his weakness but he loves it. She both loves and loathes his possessiveness. These two are so hot together and I loved every minute.

Jewel has had a tough life since her father went to prison and her mother abandoned her. Cat’s is more family to her than her own so the guilt of sleeping with her fiancé is more than Jewel can bear. Nicu has worked hard to curb his impulsive tendencies and keep his temper under control but he can’t control himself where this woman is concerned. They’re like fire and ice but so good together.

This is my first book by the author but won’t be the last. I loved these characters and really enjoy her style of writing. This is book three of a series but reads just fine as a standalone. I received an ARC from Grey’s Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

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