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Review: Anchor by Nicole Blanchard

He’ll do anything to save her.

Former Marine turned Coast Guard Gabriel Rossi, traded the brutal desert for the unforgiving sea to be closer to his family. When a woman risks her life to save his young daughter, Gabe will stop at nothing to bring her home safe.

She’s no hero.

But when a man draws a gun and threatens the passengers on a ferry, Chloe McKinney is the only one who steps in the line of fire to protect a little girl, even if it means sacrificing herself.

As the clock ticks down to an explosive confrontation, they’ll both face their fears to make it to morning alive.

Reading this story was like an action movie playing in my head and I loved every minute of it. The action never stops and the tension keeps increasing. It’s crazy but it works. I love Chloe and Gabe, but especially love them together. I didn’t like Gabe initially because he seemed like kind of a jerk. He referred to women as females, ugh, so I was worried. But to be fair, he quickly redeemed himself so I’m willing to overlook it as a momentary lapse. Gabe is the tough, alpha former Marine who can’t stop saving people and he’s hawt, but still not as much of a badass as Chloe.

This woman has no training or experience dealing with hostage-takers but she couldn’t let him take a little girl so she stepped up. They join forces in an effort to survive but there’s an attraction even as they fight for their lives. They’re sweet and steamy and absolutely perfect together. This story is awesome and even has a great twist near the end that I didn’t anticipate. I wish it were longer but the author does offer an epilogue that made me happy and I’m looking forward to the rest of the series.

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