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Review: By Sin I Rise Part II by Cora Reilly

BY SIN I RISE: PART 2 by Cora Reilly

A fatal bond that was never meant to be.

Marcella gave Maddox the impossible choice, and he chose her.
Still, she wonders if Maddox is ready to commit to a relationship, or if he’s scared of losing the uninhibited freedom his biker lifestyle offered him.

All his life Maddox knew who his enemies were, but suddenly he’s at a loss whom to trust. Will he ever find a place in Marcella’s life and family, or will old companions give him a new home and purpose?

Can enemies ever truly become lovers if the odds are against them?

The cliffhanger in book one was painful because I had no clue this was a duet when I started reading part I (all I can say is duh, no idea how I missed that). I wasn’t sure what to expect in part II but it was better than anything I’d imagined for Maddox and Marci. The energy in part one was dark and dangerous and sexy. She was immersed in his world against her will and danger was everywhere, but he’d do anything to protect her. Now we have Maddox coming into Marci’s world and she’s protecting him just the same.

Part I is an enemies-to-lovers story about two people from completely different worlds who discover they aren’t so different. Part II shows us the obstacles in the way for them to truly be together. She stood up for him and always took his side, even when playing peacemaker between her family and Maddox. He made it clear he’d die protecting her if it came down to it and I was happy to see her demonstrate the same loyalty to him.

Maddox continues to wow with his absolute adoration of Marci, even as loving her causes him nothing but problems, but she’s not taking it lying down. Marci is determined to be have power in La Famiglia and to command the respect she deserves, which includes demanding that same respect for her man. She’s even more of a badass here and I loved every moment of it. This is a great duet and I enjoyed the first book very much but the conclusion rocks and is my favorite by far.

I received an ARC from Social butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.

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