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Review: Filthy Secret by Serena Akeroyd

Serena Akeroyd new release Filthy Secret
Filthy Secret by Serena Akeroyd
Five Points Mob Collection book 6
Available November 18th

It’s the dawn of a new age…

Secrets—you know my family is founded on them.

You just don’t know how much they’re suffocating us.

Lies—my marriage hinges on one.

You know that I chose to protect the wrong woman.

I kept the past buried like a coward. Now, I feel the constraints of my choices like they’re a chokehold.

I know that it’s time to tell my wife the truth.

It’s time to deal with the consequences of my actions.

Aoife deserves to be my judge, jury, and executioner.

If she burns down the house with me in it, well, that’s on me and my filthy secrets…

This is Aoife O’Grady’s story…

This story is intense and will keep you on the edge of your seat but it’s so worth it. I read it through all at once because I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. Aoife and Finn O’Grady are the main characters, but the O’Donnelly brothers feature prominently and we get various characters POV throughout. There’s also some time-hopping to events of the past and there’s a lot going on here so be ready to focus. I had to go back a few times to reread some things to keep it all straight in my head but I’m not complaining. This is a fast-paced story and I loved every minute of it.

There’s a lot of tragedy in these pages and some heavy subject matter. There’s betrayal and pain but also redemption and forgiveness. I was worried about where Aoife and Finn’s story was headed after reading the Valentini Family/Oath duet (separate series that ties in), but I wasn’t disappointed. I received an ARC from Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.

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