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Review: A Death In Bloomsbury by David C. Dawson

David C. Dawson New Release A Death In Bloomsbury
A Death In Bloomsbury by David C. Dawson
The Simon Sampson Mystery series book 1 Available November 10th

Everyone has secrets… but some are fatal.

1932, London. Late one December night Simon Sampson stumbles across the body of a woman in an alleyway. Her death is linked to a plot by right-wing extremists to assassinate the King on Christmas Day. Simon resolves to do his patriotic duty and unmask the traitors.
But Simon Sampson lives a double life. Not only is he a highly respected BBC radio announcer, but he’s also a man who loves men, and as such must live a secret life. His investigation risks revealing his other life and with that imprisonment under Britain’s draconian homophobic laws of the time. He faces a stark choice: his loyalty to the King or his freedom.

This is the first in a new series from award-winning author David C. Dawson. A richly atmospheric novel set in the shadowy world of 1930s London, where secrets are commonplace, and no one is quite who they seem.

Historical and period pieces aren’t usually my preference for romance but I’m a sucker for noir so I jumped on this one and was not disappointed. The author’s writing is so lyrical, I listened to this story unfold in posh British accents in my head. This a quintessential noir but elevated with painstaking accuracy in every aspect of historical detail. The author has blended humor and the pop culture of the time into a raw, real snapshot of a scary time in the not-so-distant past, a time when social constructs wielded power to destroy lives. There’s a perfect blend of suspense and romance, where the intrigue and tension play off of one another beautifully. This is an excellent start to a new series, laying a foundation that promises us more great reads to come and I loved every minute. I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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