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Review: Game On by Alexia Chase

Game On by Alexia Chase
Game On by Alexia Chase
Sinfully Unrequited book 9

Five friends–five ultimate fantasy boxes

Everything happens in fives.

After high school graduation, Everleigh snuck into her father’s club to proposition Victor, her father’s best friend and business partner. She got his attention but not in the way she intended. He humiliated her by escorting her out of the club and left town to manage their West Coast operations.

Five years later, Victor is back in town, and Everleigh is working for the company – a little something Everleigh’s father failed to mention to Victor. Now every conversation ends in a heated exchange, and Everleigh is determined to prove she’s over him.

What happens when he finds out she’s planning a trip to Vegas to find a willing partner to share her schoolgirl fantasy kit?

Is it ‘game on’ or the final blowoff?

Everleigh and Victor’s story is short, sweet and hot. She’s lusted after him since he was her teen crush and she can finally get her hands on him. I’m not usually a fan of age gap but I was okay with it here because it was a good story. Her father was all for it in the end, which I found strange but it’s still a fun read. I received an ARC via Bookfunnel in exchange for an honest review.

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