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Review: The Golden Boys by Rachel Jonas

Ever read a book and wonder: Where have you been all my life? This is one of those. This book is so damn good, I couldn’t put it down. Let’s just open with that before I get ahead of myself. I haven’t been this enthralled with a series since I discovered the Rydeville Elite books. Blue is living a hard life, struggling to raise her little sister because her alcoholic father can’t be bothered, and her mother abandoned them. She used to have her older brother to count on, but he tried to make some fast money and now he’s in prison. Things go from bad to worse when she receives a scholarship to a prestigious private school for her senior year. This is the only chance for a better life for her and her sister, but it’s also a living nightmare every day at school.

West Golden, aka King Midas, is the most popular guy in school. The talented quarterback is gorgeous and ruthless, making Blue’s life hell for a reason he refuses to disclose. Despite the mutual hatred, there’s an attraction they can’t fight, but it ends badly, every single time. So why does it keep happening? Neither one can really figure it out, but they can’t seem to help themselves. Blue is lonely and scared, so she needs someone to lean on but West has everything he could want, so what’s his excuse?

As though it’s not enough for the whole school to watch Blue’s every move, the entire youth population of the city is fixated on Pandora, an anonymous gossipmonger burning up social media 24/7. Well, everyone except Blue, until she becomes Pandora’s favorite subject. She has a complicated relationship with her ex, who still loves her and West’s frequent fling is livid that he’d show Blue any mercy, so she’s out for blood. Throw in some organized crime and West’s shady dad, who may or may not boink underage girls, and there’s a lot to unpack here but it’s worth every minute.

This story ends on a cliffhanger that will make your head spin, but the next book is already available so there’s no waiting to find out what comes next. Read it today, you won’t be sorry.

The Kings of Cypress Pointe book 1
The Golden Boys by Rachel Jonas The Kings of Cypress Pointe book 1

West Golden—so easy to hate, yet so hard to resist.

Don’t let that pretty face of his fool you. He isn’t the boy next door, or the kind you trust with your heart. He’s the devil in designer jeans, with all the charm of a bona fide psycho.

Trust me.

He swears I did something to cross him before I even stepped foot inside Cypress Prep, but it’s a lie. No one knows better than me that I’m all out of chances. One more misstep and I can kiss my future goodbye, which means I can’t possibly be guilty of whatever he thinks I’ve done.

West marks me with a target anyway, and as this town’s football star, no one dares to go against him. His money, status, and the loyalty of his equally entitled brothers makes him seem untouchable. Only, I know better than that.

This false god isn’t infallible like he wants the world to believe. Whenever I stare into those devilish green eyes, I see it plain as day. The chink in his armor. His one and only weakness.


The King of Cypress Prep has finally met his match, and taking him down just became an inside job.

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