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Review: Wild For You by Kendall Ryan

Ana and Grant’s story is a real rollercoaster and Ana in particular has been through so much before it even begins. They click right away and their chemistry is off the charts, but there are so many reasons not to act on it. Grant knows she’s vulnerable after finally leaving her abusive ex so he’s on his best behavior, staying firmly in the friend zone, until the night she seduces him, begging him for more.

They insist it won’t happen again, but things only get more complicated and they’re each other’s weakness. Ana is breaking Grant’s heart by keeping him at a distance, but she needs to stand on her own two feet and not just move on to another relationship right away. She needs to do this for herself and it’s for the best, but it was sad watching Grant’s heart break because he’s so sweet and he truly loves her. Their story isn’t as lighthearted as the others I’ve read from this series but I enjoyed it every bit as much. They’re both great characters and I love how the story ends.

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Wild For You
by Kendall Ryan
Hot Jocks book 6 of 8

Published 2020

Wild For You by Kendall Ryan
Wild For You by Kendall Ryan

He’s growly. Grumpy. Stubborn.

And now, my new roommate.

Walking away from my disastrous last relationship was an easy decision, but moving in with a friend-of-a-friend hockey star who’s rarely home? Not quite as simple, because Grant makes me feel all kinds of things I’m not prepared for.

Protected. Desired. Unsteady.
• • •
She’s beautiful. Smart. Tempting.

And a little fragile.

I’ve never been anyone’s knight in shining armor, but when Ana needed a place to stay, it was easy to offer her a room with me.

Not so simple, though, is keeping my hands—or my mouth—to myself. And the night she crawls into my bed and shares her body with me? Heaven.

But she’s not looking for a relationship, and to my surprise, I find myself pissed off by that idea.

They say my heart is broken, that I’ll never settle down. I used to think that was true. Now, though? Hell, your guess is as good as mine.

First, she took my bed.
Then she took my heart.
Then she took my everything.

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