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Review: Stolen Hearts By Renee Harless

This is a good story but it was a little too much with insta-love, inheriting a kid and a surprise baby. Taylor was also pretty mean to Hunter throughout the whole book and while I understand that she was guarded, it doesn’t really explain her poor treatment of him and certainly doesn’t excuse it. I would’ve liked more detail about Taylor’s family and the life she fled to escape them. It was touched on throughout the story but I kept waiting for the whole story but we never really get it. Hunter was the sweetest and I felt bad for him but was glad Taylor came around eventually.

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Stolen Hearts
by Renee Harless
The Stolen series book 3 of 3

Published 2019

Stolen Hearts By Renee Harless

Taylor Hughes is a rule follower, no detail ever goes overlooked. That attention to detail is imperative in every aspect of her life, especially her job as an event planner

Rule One: The client is always right.
Rule Two: Make it magical.
Rule Three: Go the extra mile for any guest.
Rule Four: Never take anything from an event. (Note: that includes any treats.)

When Hunter Divers, the sexy bartender, handed her a whiskey sour and a ride back to her apartment she forgets all about her rules for one night of recklessness.

What happens when her lapse in judgment leaves her with a keepsake from that night?

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