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Review: Keeping You by Lena Hendrix

New Release: Keeping You by Lena Hendrix
Hot New release from Lena Hendrix: Keeping You

I never should have slept with Colin McCoy.

When I moved to my sister’s small town, I was looking for a fresh start—no more shallow relationships, no snotty fake friends, and definitely no charming, dirty-talking musicians.

We had a fun, red-hot night together and we agreed that hooking up was a mistake, a one-time thing. But when my dream bakery location happens to be right next door to his bar, every day I’m forced to see that chiseled jawline and remember the feel of his incredible body on mine.

No. I’m starting over. I have rules. No more bad habits, definitely no falling in love. No matter how hard he tries, hooking up with him again would prove I’m the flake everyone expects me to be.

But here I am, stuck between wanting to make something of my life and wanting to grab him and make another delicious mistake.

I was excited to read Honey and Colin’s story after meeting them in an earlier book and this did not disappoint. Honey has sworn off men and isn’t interested in a relationship as she tries to reinvent her life. Colin gave up on his dream due to family stuff and carries a lot of guilt. I expected tons of angst because of the one-night-stand and their individual histories, but it really wasn’t that at all so I was pleasantly surprised. Honey and Colin couldn’t stay away from each other and they didn’t fight it. Not much, anyway. This story is hot. Not that I’m complaining but I would have liked a bit more interaction between them instead of all the steamy scenes because they’re both great characters and I wanted more of them.

The town really comes to life in this book, playing a much bigger role than in the first book in the series so that was a lot of fun. The supporting cast grew and became even more interesting, although my favorite thing about the town is the dick bandit. Yeah, there’s a graffiti problem in Chikula Falls and the culprit paints penises (peni??) with top hats all over town, which is awesome. Colin’s friend Deck is one of the detectives tasked with finding the slippery vandal who always gets away and this is possibly one of my favorite subplots in any book ever.

I hope we get more hot couples and more Chikula Falls soon.

I received an ARC from Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.

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